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Take your coffee shop to the next level.
BeanClub can digitize your coffee shop, create a loyal following and improve your efficiency.

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BeanClub MyShop

Take your coffee shop to the next level.

Our mission is to digitize the coffee industry, and help optimize the process of securing ordering coffee in the fastest and easiest way possible through a safe cashless and smooth order system.


Avoid queues, bottlenecks and impatient customers. Improve customer service and create loyal followers and improve efficiency.

Let your guests order and pay for their coffee from home, at work, at school or on-the-go. You receive the order on MyShop, and when you are ready start the order, a message will be sent to your guest who then can come by and pick up their coffee.


Avoid time-consuming, manual loyalty systems. Intuitive dashboard helps manage orders, in real-time, and improves efficiency.


Avoid slow payment methods, cash handling and printing receipts. Remove payment from customer interaction and enhance loyalty.


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+45 7025 4001 or

BeanClub Business

With BeanClub Business you can, finally, experience the best coffee culture at your workplace every day.

With BeanClub Business you will get:

  • An original cup of coffee each day
  • A pre-order function to order your coffee
  • A fast and digital new way of ordering coffee
  • No queue when picking up your coffee
  • An effective work environment
  • A cashfree solution 
  • And much more…

Inform your boss about BeanClub Business and get the above Beans and Benefits and much more.

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