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BeanClub App

Order on-the-go, swipe to pay and skip the line to collect your order.

BeanClub’s mission is to digitize the coffee industry, and help optimize the process of securing your coffee in the fastest and easiest way possible through a safe cashless and smooth order system.


One of our favorite features of the BeanClub app is the pre-order function. With BeanClub you will never have to wait in line for your coffee. 

Simply order from home, at work, school or on-the-go. You will receive a message to let you know when your coffee is ready to get picked up


When you order your coffee through BeanClub, you will get benefits such a savings on selected menu items.

Follow your favorite coffee shop and save time and money on your next order.

Secure wallet

Avoid slow payment methods, cash handling and paper receipts.

Create a monthly coffee budget by adding money to your BeanClub wallet, or swipe directly to pay for your order. No cash. No problems.

BeanClub Business

With BeanClub Business you can, finally, experience the best coffee culture at your workplace every day.

With BeanClub Business you will get:

  • An original cup of coffee each day
  • A pre-order function to order your coffee
  • A fast and digital new way of ordering coffee
  • No queue when picking up your coffee
  • An effective work environment
  • A cashfree solution 
  • And much more…

Inform your boss about BeanClub Business and get the above Beans and Benefits and much more.

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Lone  |  Customer

We are huge fans of the pre-order system on BeanClub – it makes working life much easier and a bit sweeter.

Louise  |  Customer

It’s about time someone came up with a smart digital solution and reward for loyal, lovers of quality coffee.

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