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Last updated 01.09.2018

BeanClub ApS (hereafter ‘BeanClub’) welcomes you. These are our terms and conditions of use for companies using the BeanClub platform (hereafter the ‘Service’). BeanClub is a service for ordering drinks etc. From cafes / restaurants.

BeanClub ApS is housed in Sundkaj 125, 3. floor, 2150 Copenhagen, Denmark. Our VAT registration number is 36075791.

If you would like to get in touch with us, please send us an e-mail to:

You are also welcome to call us on phone number +45 70254001 every weekday 9.00-16.00.

These terms and conditions apply to the cafes / restaurants (hereinafter “Partner” or “Partners”) who register and use BeanClub. The registration and use of BeanClub implies acceptance of these terms and conditions, therefore you are encouraged to read these terms and conditions thoroughly.

BeanClub is an online menu platform that allows members of the service (hereafter the “Users”) to order and pay drinks. (Hereafter ‘Menu Items’) directly from the Affiliates, via a BeanClub application on the User’s smartphone. Orders will be sent to The Partner from The User’s smart phone, for delivery of products/services at The Partner’s premises.

Information about the credit cards accepted on the application can be found on the BeanClub website (

Partners have their menu online on the Service so that it is directly accessible to users through the application. The BeanClub application can be downloaded from AppStore and Google Play.

In order to use the Service, the Partner must create a profile with the name of Partner, Address, Phone Number, and Email. Likewise, a contact person with direct connection to the Partner must be disclosed as well as his/her telephone and e-mail. Finally, it is a prerequisite for the Partner to provide information for valid CVR number. And bank account for the profile, otherwise it is not possible to settle to the Partner.

All Partners must be approved by BeanClub before their café / restaurant and menu may be published in the BeanClub application. BeanClub reserves the right to approve and reject Partner Profile Creation at its sole discretion and CVR check.

BeanClub aims for the BeanClub application to be available and applicable to the User as long as the Partner is open and that the Service is available and applicable to the Partner. However, BeanClub does not provide for the availability or applicability of the Service as well as the BeanClub application due to technical issues with Internet subcontractors, the Partner WiFi connection, website design, technology and hosting companies, any payment gateway updates, updates, or similar.

It is the Partner’s responsibility to update menu cards with correct names, descriptions and most importantly “Member” prices and “Hangout” prices – all shown in “Beans”. In addition, it is the Partner’s responsibility that information about opening hours for ordering, discount periods, sold out items, and other essential information that may affect the menu card in the app are correct.

Orders via BeanClub are made directly between the User and the Partner, and therefore, BeanClub is not responsible for the contents of orders or deliveries thereof.

BeanClub is not liable for any loss or damage resulting from indirect damage or consequential loss, including loss of expected profit or loss, loss of data or costs incurred in connection with their recovery, loss of goodwill, loss of messages or other similar consequential damage.

The partner shall indemnify BeanClub for any claim that may be raised against BeanClub by Users resulting from The Partner’s inadequacy or inadequate delivery of the order, Non-compliance with this Co-operation Agreement, Safety Regulations or Guidelines, and /or any applicable legislation.

BeanClub is not responsible for any delays or shortcomings in the orders that the Partner receives through the Service.

BeanClub can not be held liable for loss of profits or other loss in connection with lost data connections or server violations.

Corrections and changes to the menu you present on the Service are at your sole discretion.

  • As a Partner you agree that you will not use the Service for illegal activities.
  • As a Partner, you agree that you will not upload, email or share materials such as:
    • Infringes the copyright or copyright of others.
    • Is offensive such as Racist, libelous or pornographic.
  • As a Partner, you may not use the Service for the promotion of goods or products that are outside your menu items.
  • As a Partner, do not pretend to be another person or otherwise misrepresent other people or Partners.
  • As a Partner, do not attempt to disturb or interrupt the Service in any way.
  • It is not allowed to alter, delete or otherwise change content from the service.
  • As a Partner, do not use the Service to mislead Users about the content, scope or price of Menu Items.
  • The prices of the menu items offered via BeanClub must not exceed the prices in the café / restaurant.

BeanClub reserves the right, without further notice, to remove any content and information deemed to be in breach of these Terms or Conditions and, in the event of serious violations or repeated breach of these Terms, BeanClub reserves the right to prevent your access to the Service and to Delete the Partner account from the Service.

The partner pays the agreed price to use BeanClub. The partner’s revenue (revenue through BeanClub less BeanClub’s commission and payment solution fee) is paid monthly to the Partner. Allow up to 4 business days from the payment date before the money gets to The Partner Account. The amount will be paid to the bank account specified on the Partner Profile.

The partner will receive a statement of the revenue, commission and payment details by e-mail on the e-mail address specified as the contact address of the Partner’s account in connection with payment.

BeanClub’s monthly period runs from the first day of the month to the last day of the month. Settlement takes place on the first working day of the following month.

If you wish to close your BeanClub account, you can do this by contacting BeanClub at

If you close your account before the end of a 30 day period, your claim will be calculated and paid out in the normal manner at the end of the 30 day period.

After publishing the Partner’s menu in the BeanClub app, the Partner agrees to appear publicly on the system for a minimum of 3 months. After this period, the Partner may terminate the account with one month’s notice.

Use of the BeanClub application is available to all persons aged 18 years and over.

The user may not use the Service to buy any forms of alcohol if they are under 18 years of age.

BeanClub may make changes to prices and terms with 30 days notice.

Changes are notified via email.

The data that BeanClub registers is governed by the ‘The Data Protection Act 1988’. Data Manager is BeanClub. The Data Inspectorate supervises any treatment covered by the Act. You can find the law in its entirety and read about the data surveillance at:  (DK:

In order to provide services to you, we must know the information that you are asked to register using the Service, cf. point 2 above. In addition, we will record the changes you may make through your BeanClub account. All in order to give you a better service.

While we have them, select BeanClub employees have access to your information and they are not encrypted. We only disclose your information to the extent necessary for your use of the Service, for example. When ordering.

When you send information to us via the Service, this is done via unencrypted connections.

The Data Protection Act 1988 contains rules on right of access, the right to object to the processing of personal data and the right to obtain corrected information in special cases. The right to insight involves A right of the data subject to be informed whether information is being processed, what information is being processed, the purpose of the treatment, etc. If you wish to make use of these rights, please contact the BeanClub.