When a customer follows your coffee shop on the BeanClub app they appear in your dashboard under the followers tab. From here you can see all your followers and how they are performing at your coffee shop. It's important to keep track of your customers in order to provide them even better offers and service.

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Customer overview

To get an overview of your customers, do the following. From your "Dashboard", tap on the menu in the upper left corner and then on "My Followers" Here you can see your customers' perfomance over the last 30 days or in total if you click on "Display"

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Opening hours

It is important that you have your opening hours entered correctly, otherwise your customers will not be able to place an order. You can change or add your opening hours thus. From the menu in the upper left corner, enter "Settings" and from there click on "Shop Profile" Press the pencil in the upper right

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Editing My Shop

Additions or fixes to your cafe are made from the BeanClub Myshop app. Press the menu in the upper left corner and then "Settings" Touch the pencil in the upper right corner. Now you have the opportunity to change or add how your Café looks on the customer's app. Remember to hit save when done

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It's important to have a good discount for your followers in order for them to come back. You can easily change your discounts from your settings. Go to your menu in the MyShop app. Tap on any of your items in your menu. Go to the discount and type in the percentage you like to

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Add to the menu.

Open the Menu tap in your beanclub dashboard and go to menu. Click the “+” In the upper right corner of your screen. From here you can now edit, add things to your menu or even change your  Discounts for followers.   

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Send a push notification.

Push messages is a very important part of BeanClub. It lets you communicate with your customers buy sending them special offer or letting them know about events and…  It’s super easy. Go to your dashboard in the “BeanClub My Shop” app and  click on “Messanges”  Click the “+” sign in the upper right corner of

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How to handle a pre-order

When a customer places a pre-order a sound will play from your tablet indicating someone just has places a order. All you have to do is press accept and the customer will receive a notification that you are preparing their order. Now the customer knows that he or she has to be at your coffee

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